Cycling Kangaroo - Euroka Clearing

Euroka Clearing

August 9th-10th, 2008

Went camping at Euroka Clearing near Glenbrook in Blue Mountains National Park. During the day it was nice and sunny, but not surprisingly, it was FREEZING at night. The noise from the birds was deafening. A total cacophony. I’ve decided that Australian birds can either sing or look good. Melodious is not a word that describes the “songs” of some of the more well known ones.....

We had quite a few Kookaburras visit the campsite....In the morning, they laughed uproariously at the idiots who were camping in such freezing conditions.

We were visited by an insane amount of Cockatoos on the first arvo....

They were on the grass....

They were in the trees.... (these people came for the kangaroos, but there were none, so the made do with the cockatoos).

Cockatoo visiting the campsite
They came and visited our campsite.....Can I come and camp with you?

Cockatoo wandering around bikes
And wandered around the bikes.....I’ll take the red bike, you take the blue one!

Butcher Bird
A Butcher Bird

Am I cute or what????

Yeah, I like Kookaburras.

Windscreen footprints
The next morning, I found some mysterious footprints on my windscreen....

Windscreen smiley
And a smiley! Yeah, for my American friends, ice on the windscreen like this is a pain in the neck, but I’m still a big kid, and we just don’t get ice in Sydney.....

The kangaroos also came in the morning, munching on the grass as the frost steamed away in the early morning sun.

This one thought he was a Koala, munching on a gum leaf....I did take a lot more photos of the kanga’s of course....

Red Hands Cave
A bit of Aboriginal cave art at Red Hands Cave...

Some wattle....

And a ducky saying “Hello”

Wading through icy water
And me – to get to that sand I had to wade through liquid ice. It may look sunny, but the water was freezing!