Cycling Kangaroo - Tours: Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops was our first ever overnight ride. No knicks, bike shoes or bike tops in sight. We had done a shorter version of this ride as a three day walk a couple of times. Barrington Top is a stunningly beautiful area. The one downside of doing this as a ride was the large number of fallen trees on the tracks closer to Polblue.

Leaving the cars at the Polblue campground, here Dilys is off to a good start, discovering a loaded bike doesn't play the same as an unladen one.

A large majority of the trails are smooth and good riding.

All smiles!

Barrington Tops is beautiful. Old scanned photos just do not do it justice.

Morning tea break, but we all have our feet up because there was leeches there!!!

On our way to our first nights camp.

John and Marlene on the section where there was a lot of fallen trees (hefting a laden bike over each was a pain).



Junction Pools - Our first night camp, a lovely campsite - once again, the photo does not do it justice. There's also a pit toilet here now.

Tents set up...

Now it's time to relax!

John in his usual possie!

Rick reading a book....

Ready to head off next day.

Two peas in a (red) pod!

Instead of going around Aeroplane Hill (1530m) we decided to cross the Barrington River and go over it.

This however involved pushing, as in many places it was too steep to ride, particularly with a laden bike.

The bonus was a downhill on the other side.

Yeehaa...Good fun riding with no technical difficulties.

And before we knew it we were at Big Hole. Lousy name, lovely spot.

A bit of a break, and a look around

The "hole" is a beautiful relaxing spot.

Which is still enough to reflect the light.

Can't seem to find any of the shots of the ride back. I'm sure they're around somewhere though. The memorable event on the return ride was the "woo-hooo" downhill on the firetrail back towards Polblue, and the fright of having a startled wild pig run out when I was hammering along at 60-70kph.

Route map. Click on link to open map in a new window.