Cycling Kangaroo - Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock - Blue Mountains

June 28th, 2006

On June 28th I had a day off work, and as it was such a nice day I went up to the mountains.

First stop was Pulpit Rock. This is a lookout over the Grose Valley.

The ridges and valleys of the Grose can be clearly seen through the carpet of trees.

This fella here kept his eye on me while I was there, just sitting watching me as I absorbed the view.

The clifflines are specatcular...

The total view is stupendous!

This is the entire panorama from Pulpit Rock. I sat and enjoyed it for quite a while before moving on.

There's something about sun shining through leaves that I like...

And I like the bark on the trees....

I've now moved over towards Anvil Rock, a little further up the Valley.

The view from Anvil Rock looking West

And the view looking North.

Trees basking in the sunshine

Ooh! More sunlight through leaves....

A closeup on a Scribbly Bark (so named for hopefully obvious reasons!)

More Scribbly Bark

And then on to the Wind Eroded Cave.

A final tree before heading home.