Cycling Kangaroo - WA Tour: Busselton


October 16th-17th, 2004

Sailboats at Busselton

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty

Deciding that we should put Dilys' arm in a sling, we knew we didn't want a regular sling, so we all agreed 'collar & cuff' was the way to go. Unfortunately, although each of us could picture the sling we wanted, none of us could remember how to tie it. After MUCH searching on the internet, we found a site that described how to tie all of the slings. It became immediately obvious that we actually wanted the 'St John's sling'. Tony tested it out a few times on Cathy & it was decided that he should NOT be let loose near any injured person, so I trussed up Dilys like a stuffed turkey.

Tony, Rick, Wendy & Dilys

Cathy, Dilys, Wendy, Rick

Busselton Underwater Observatory

After finally getting the second aid done, we went for a wander over to the jetty, planning to go out to the underwater obsevatory. This was already fully booked out for the morning, so we booked in for the 4pm train ride/tour. Having purchased these tickets, we decided to do the 4km walk out and back.

Rather pleasant. After returning, we had an ice cream from Simmo's, which is locally made. After this we did a tour of Coles & picked up some sandwich fixings, and had a cheap tasty lunch in the park.

After lunch we headed to the Geographe Bay Cheese Company (another few km's away) and did some cheese tasting and bought some cumin cheese, and a blue.

After a few rounds of this, it was back to the jetty. This time we caught the train out to the end and got taken down to the observatory. It was very good.We all enjoyed it.

And from the underwater observatory...

Coral and fish


The piers of the jetty

Are very pretty from below!

And there's even some fish.

Jetty pylons

Cathy & Tony

Wendy, Rick