Cycling Kangaroo - WA Tour: Valley Views

Valley Views

October 26th, 2004

A fairly good sleep last night at Chapman Pool. Leisurely start as we packed the tent etc. The tail winds of yesterday had gone, replaced with side & the occasional head-wind. Still no signal here, so this one (and yesterday's) won't go out until we get back to Busselton.

The 'Cow Whisperer' is mesmerising cows again.

The Three Muskateers

Some old bridge

And the view from the above bridge

Ready and raring to rest

Chapman Pool

Another nice camping area...

Today's ride was fairly undulating, with several hills. One 'exciting' section of dirt road that we did was covered in tiny pebbles that made it a bit like riding on ball bearings - with the camber on the road you kept sliding to the side, but mostly good tarmac.

Ah, wine country!

No wonder Cathy's all smiles!

Vines as far as the eyes can see!

And yet more wildflowers!

We arrived at the Berry Farm and tasted jams, marmalades, chutneys & of course fruit wines! We picked up a bottle of Sparkling Strawberry wine (just finished), a bottle of Raspberry dessert wine (soon), and some Boysenberry Port (later). We also got some chutneys etc. After the tastings we had lunch at the restaurant. We were the FORCED (after watching two other tables) to have some scones with jam & cream, as the honeyeaters came and ate the remainder of the jam once you've finished your scones (obviously reasonably intelligent birds). We ended up having around 10 of them coming to our table.

How cool is this! We just had to get the Devonshire Tea, just so these guys would come over and eat the left-over jam.


After lunch, we managed to stuff everything into overstuffed panniers, and then had a nice country ride to the B&B, passing more curious cattle - these ones raced over to gawk at us...and then the ones at the front moved aside and let the ones at the back take a look - quite bizarre. Not much further along, a whole bunch of chickens raced over to me. I think the animals here have never seen cyclists!

These guys took turns at the front to check me out.  Talk about polite, well mannered cows! No pushing or shoving, just take a really good look and then move to the back to allows others to take a peek

The B&B that we are at is very nice. We are getting a 3-course meal here, and if all goes to plan, the mail will be roast lamb (yes, I said that I was rather partial to roast lamb, so the indicated that they would oblige). Guess I'll find out fairly soon as dinner is any minute now.

Yes, we did have roast lamb for dinner. In fact we had chicken & corn doup for entrée, the roast with lots of veges for main, and a lemon delicious for dessert. All in all a very nice meal.