Cycling Kangaroo - WA Tour: Cape Leeuwin

Cape Leeuwin

October 24th, 2004

Got up early this morning & went for a ride out to Cape Leuwin lighthouse, only to find it didn't open until 9am. Went to have a look at the waterwheel, which is supposedly (believe it or not), the most photographed tourist attraction in W.A. All I can say is maybe it's because of the great scenery around it. Once we had looked at that we went back to the lighthouse only to discover that the 9am tour was fully booked by a bus tour. Cathy & Tony decided to wait for the 9:30 tour, Rick & I had a wander around and then rode back.

Heading towards the Cape.

A greyish day, but fairly calm

With a roadside dotted with wildflowers.

Something worth a brass plaque.  Just don't ask me what! Lighthouse in the distance.

There that Rick bloke again.

Great scenery at the Cape

Can you believe this is the most photographed thing in Western Australia! I'm sure it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Label something as the 'most photographed' and you feel compelled to take a photo.

Rocks are red

And look another pic of the waterwheel thingy

View from the top

The sign says it all!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

They look the same to me!

Quick shower & then back into town for a cruise up the river. The river is quite pretty & the cruise was quite pleasant.
Umm, the ??? river at Augusta

Next stop was the Augusta Spring Show, which was primarily a flower show, with a bit of baking, woodwork, knitting, quilting etc. A pleasant little interlude where we were easily picked as visitors, with several people chatting to us and asking us where we were from (Augusta is a small town). Life is quieter here in W.A. And everyone is very friendly.