Cycling Kangaroo - Cuba Tour

Viñales to Cienfuegos

March 30th, 2008

Next morning, I got up early to watch the sunrise.

As I watched, the mist slowly lifted.

Today we had a big bus trip ahead of us to get to near the Bay of Pigs.

Along the way we requested a photo stop in Australia. In an interesting twist, we had to make the stop very quick as it was not a scheduled stop on our tour, and out bus driver could have got in trouble.

Next stop was the mouth of the famous Bay of Pigs - our first taste of the Carribean in Cuba.

We started riding again from here.

And rode along until we got to Cueva de los Peces, which is 70m deep pool that is linked to the sea, and there's lots of tropical fish.

It was a pretty little spot, and 5 of us went swimming here.

One of the locals.

Here's a YouTube video I found of Cueva de los Peces

Those who didn't go swimming in the pool went swimming in the Carribean. What struck me as funny, was the swimming pool steps down into the sea....

As we were about to leave, the sky got grey, and as we went towards Cienfuegos the heavens opened up.

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