Cycling Kangaroo - WA Tour: Whale Watching

Whale Watching - Dunsborough

October 18th, 2004

Cathy has said that I should make sure I include words such as 'awesome', 'wonderous', 'spectacular', 'huge', 'amazing', 'once in a life-time', 'awe inspiring', and Dilys has added 'cute'

Yes, we had a good day today. We started early sans-panniers, and headed to Dunsborough. The weather was perfect, and the cycleway along the beach was really good. Kept up a cracking pace and made it to Dunsborough before Dilys had even left Busselton. Yes Dilys is still unable to ride, so we chipped in for a cab and threw Dilys & the panniers in.

Checked in to the YHA and got a room with a view over the beach. Made our way to the whale watching boat, and redid our sunscreen. Whale watching guys suggested removing shoes if we didn't want to get them wet, as we were being ferried to the big boat by little boat from the beach. Did as suggested & went for a paddle while waiting my turn. The water seemed a bit chilly first up, but very quickly felt very inviting.

We saw LOTS of whales, and as we were heading back we had some come up to the boat and started swimming around us and under us. Really cool. They were sooo close! You know it's pretty special when the skipper of the boat grabs his camera and comes out also, and the deck hands were getting pretty excited also. Don't know if I got any good photos - was too busy ooohing and aaahing.

The only downside is that my feet (and Rick's & Dilys') got sunburned (as we never put our shoes back on and we didn't sunscreen them (BAD!). I also ended up with the top of my head burnt :-(