Cycling Kangaroo - Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman, Montana

Way back in 1981 I lived in Bozeman, Montana for year. For a person who had lived her who life in Sydney, Bozeman was a revelation. Interestingly, everyone was very friendly, but only superficially so. It was easier to make superficial friends here, but harder to make real friends.

Bozeman was very dry - this made the cold very bearable. As a transplanted Aussie, I felt that once it was cold, it was cold, There were no "degrees" of cold. -40C (F) felt the same to me as -1C. This was not the same for natives who could tell the difference....

A Walk Around Town

Mushroom Cloud
A mushroom cloud as seen from the front door.

Hot Air Balloons over the Bridgers
Balloons over the Bridgers.

Birds on a hedge
Birds on a hedge.

A street full of caravans
The day the caravans came to town....

A street full of caravans
They stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions...

A ducky trying to keep her beak warm!

Ducks on an icy pond
Hmmm....dead end!

Ducks on an icy pond
The ducks weren't at all peturbed by me throwing snowballs onto the ice....

Duck print
I think someone's been here before me...

But it sure wasn't this guy!

A nearby river.

Tree chewed by beavers
Just in case you've every wondered where the term "busy beaver" comes from...

Tree chewed by beavers
Chomp, chomp, chomp!