Cycling Kangaroo - Cuba Tour

Cienfuegos to Trinidad

March 31th, 2008

In Cienfuegos, we arrived late and left early, so this was one of the few pools I didn't swim in.

In the morning, we took taxis in to town.

Cienfuegos was the first place that we saw something that looked like shops as we knew them.

The main square had been restored to its former glory.

But just around the corner, the crumbing buildings returned.

Cuba is probably the only place that you will see the virgin Mary and Che next to each other.

After Cienfuegos, we headed towards Trinidad, and stopped for a swim in the Carribean. 

Or a relax on the beach. This is where we started out riding for the day.

As we got near Trinidad, we came across this big prawn.  Ballina in northern NSW is not the only place that has one!

We arrived in Trinidad rather wet after being caught in a very loud, close and large thunderstorm, which we waited out under a locals verandah.

The rain didn't dampen Raul's spirits any. An on arrival at the hotel he was all for looking silly.

The frangipanis looked so pretty, I had to take a picture....

Our Route