Cycling Kangaroo - WA Tour: Dunsborough to Margaret River

Dunsborough to Margaret River

October 19th-21st, 2004

Today we rode around 60km, and had a stop at 'The Olive Pit' (no olives to taste! Only oil. Huh!). Next stop was the Bootleg Brewery, where we tasted all of their beers between us except for the really strong beer (name escapes me). We also surreptitiously ate our sandwiches in their garden (as there were signs saying only their food there). Next stop was the Margaret River Chocolate Factory where we all bought a single chocolate each (figuring more wouldn't travel too well). We also bought a 'chocolate' T-shirt for Dilys (travelling to MR by bus) as she's a major chocoholic. Next stop was a winery, as we couldn't ride through this region without checking out at least one. First choice was bad one. After we'd travelled at least 750m along the driveway, with the winery still not in sight, we turned back. Next attempt was one we'd seen from the road. The lady there told us that the other one was a LONG way in and it was probably a good thing that we'd turned around. From there we rode a bit further on the road before hitting the 'rails to trails' (old railway lines converted to bike tracks), for the last 14km to MR, where we met up with Dilys again.

Lots of great wildflowers




Pleasant riding through the forest

along a rail trail

Hmmm, more wildflowers.

And trees!

And a pleasant trip through the bush.


Kayaking out of Margaret River

Margaret River

Bush tucker


Margaret River

Gee, I'm sure I know the names of some of these!