Cycling Kangaroo - Tours: Budawangs

Budawangs - 24th/25th March, 2007

The Budawangs is a really amazing area. This trip was a weekend trip, where I have to say "quality is always better than quantity".

Friday night camping at the "end of the road".

Rick along the track.

Along the original road.



A rocky outcrop.

You'd never know that within a couple of hours it was pouring....

Cathy approaching the camp site.

I saw this spot, and it had "campsite" written all over it.

Tents set up, time for a pannier-free look around.

A typical Budawangs outcrop.

Back at the campsite.

My bike has a well deserved rest...

Hmmm - morning after already. In between, lots of rain! Lucky Trevor brought that tarp!

Drying things in the early morning sun.


Mushrooms spring up amazingly quickly after rain!

Really BIG mushrooms as Ricky will attest!

Heading back to the car - Rick.

Cathy & Tony

Camping area near the end of the road.